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Before You Pick Up That Phone…

Infographic by Xino from Issue 19.


Prison Struggle 1970-1

While researching our next issue on prisoner resistance and strikes, we found this amazing rundown of media-reported prison actions that happened between 1970 and 1971. Download the high-res version here.

From the War Behind Walls zine (produced in the Bay Area in September 1971 by the Red Family, Peoples Press, and friends). Care of Freedom Archives.

Prison vs. Princeton

This infographic lays out (in economic terms) some of the basics of why we need to prioritize education and jobs over prisons.

Prison vs Princeton
Created by: Public Administration

Certain Days’s 2012 Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar Available Now

From our friends at Certain Days:

The 2012 Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar is hot off the press. In its 11th year of production, this year’s calendar is packed with 12 months of inspiring artwork and writing. The calendar is a joint fundraising and educational project between outside organizers in Canada, and 3 political prisoners being held in maximum-security prisons in New York State: David Gilbert, Robert Seth Hayes and Herman Bell. The initial project was suggested by Herman, and has since been shaped throughout the process by all of our ideas, discussions, and analysis.

The calendar features art by

  • Gerald and Maas
  • We Are The Crisis Collective
  • Ojore Lutalo
  • Tom Manning
  • Favianna Rodriguez
  • Emily Kantar
  • Fireworks Graphic Collective
  • Jesus Barraza
  • Kara Sievewright
  • Santiago Armengod
  • Shannon Willmott
  • Josh MacPhee

And writings include:

  • COINTELPRO 101 (Claude Marks, The Freedom Archives)
  • COINTELPRO Then and Now (Herman Bell)
  • The Green Scare and Security Culture (Aric McBay)
  • John Graham and the Continuation of COINTELPRO Tactics Today (Vancouver-based supporters of John Graham)
  • Resisting Repression of Dissent in the International BDS Campaign (The Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid)
  • Grand Juries: Tools of an Unjust Authority (Lynne Stewart)
  • Incapacitating Activists: The Court System as Repressive Mechanism (RNC Eight)
  • Lessons from the Black Panther Party on Addressing Sexism & Building Stronger Movements (Safiya Bukhari)
  • Neutralizing Black Resistance: The Role of the Carter Era (Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson)
  • Fusion Centers: Intelligence Gathering and its Canadian Counterpart (Tim Groves)
  • Setting the Terms of Liberation: Slogans and Resistance in the Civil Rights Movement (David Gilbert)
  • Jericho Amnesty Movement to Free All Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War (Jihad Abdulmumit)
  • Cultivating a Community that can Resist Waves of Repression (The Denver Anarchist Black Cross)

Funds raised from the sale of this calendar will be divided between the New York State Task Force on Political Prisoners, the Palestinian NGO Addameer, and the Freedom Archives.

You can order it now at