Rattling Cages: Our Issue 17 Launch Event (June 21)

Click here to download the flyer in PDF format.



  1. Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful event! The stories shared by the three folks who were incarcerated really tied together so many issues about race, gender variance, gang injunctions: the story about resisting the isolation of a community members from each other through guerilla gardens and murals–the powerful and succinct comment about how trans* folks are the most visible and the least served–the reminder that burnout is a privilege and we must develop and maintain community to develop and maintain the struggle–these were all so powerful! And the radio show where folks sent well wishes to their incarcerated loved ones, especially the little girl singing the ABC’s (which she had just learned) to her dad, had me in tears. It was really poignant.

    The host mentioned that the theme for the Abolitionist a couple issues down the road will be mental health. I know some folks who might be able to contribute really meaningful work around that. How would they get in touch with you to contribute?

    Thanks again!

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